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How Do I Book A Comedian?

When you're ready to book a comedian for your event or venue, there are a few things to consider.

  • Finding the right comedian for your venue or event. We have worked with hundreds of comedians that travel throughout Canada.  We have a fantastic portfolio and can recommend comedians to you, provide you samples of their shows and work with you to ensure that you have a comedian that will suit the crowd you expect.

  • Picking the Date and Time of your event. As the operator, you will have a good idea of what day you would like the event to be held.  Our experience within the industry will be a valuable asset to help you determine the best time of the evening, how to prepare and how best to allow your comedians to interact with your crowd.

  • Ticket Prices. There will be costs involved when bringing a comedian into your event or venue for entertainment.  Selling tickets may help you recover some, or all of your costs.  Keep in mind that some comedians may require a rider. Connie's Comedy can help you assess your venue and potential earnings and help you make the best decision for your function.

  • Advertising Your Event. Comedians will generally have a Press Kit that provides photos and information.  Connie's Comedy will help you advertise your public event by providing posters, information on our website and as often as possible, with enough notice, listings in the local news papers and events calendars.

  • Price. Comedians range in prices for many reasons.  As with any comedian, the more popular they become, the more they cost.  If the comedian is from out of town, you may need to provide a room and or meals.  Connie's Comedy will work though everything with you to determine what your budget is and which comedians are available to work within your budget.

The Quickest Way To Get Started

To get the ball rolling, visit our contact page, send us an email or phone us.  We would love to discuss your event with you and begin a new working relationship.

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